Can laser beams protect earth from aliens?

Alien themes have been the hottest subject among Hollywood directors for years, and in most of these movies, we can see aliens targeting earth and killing the inhabitants.

To protect our planet from potential alien attacks, two astronomers from Colombia have suggested proposing laser rays which will help us hiding from alien vision.

The paper prepared by Professor David Kipping and graduate student Alex Teachey was published on March 31, 2016.

The paper says that we can quickly hide from alien foes who look for our natural resources by using laser rays. David Kipping states that, here in Earth, we are searching for alien life forms, and as of now, we have found many planets which lie in the habitable areas from their stars.

He adds that if we are looking for aliens, extraterrestrial beings from another nook of the universe might also be doing the same, and finally, one day or the other, we will be traced.

Kipping believes that aliens will be more advanced that us, and if they find earth, then it may create massive devastation. Many people think that Tabby’s Star, which was discovered recently, has some anomalies, and they consider it as a mega alien structure.

Almost ten years ago, some experts claimed that the presence of aliens can be confirmed not through strange radio waves, but with mega-structures.

For humans, it is practically impossible to hide Earth using mega structures, and the vitality of using lasers come into the picture at this juncture.

The laser system which is being proposed by David Kipping will consume just the same amount of power used by 70 American homes.

He claims that the future of space technology will be very much dependent on lasers, and it will have direct impacts in determining the very safety of our Earth.

Earlier, Stephen Hawkings have also warned us for sending signals to the space, as it may turn fatal in the future.