Cee Lo Green show cancelled after Twitter rant

It is often said that when a fire is started, the last thing you want to do is grow the fire. Yet, some actions that intend to extinguish the “fire” only make it worse.

Such is the case with former “The Voice” judge Cee Lo Green, who has been an infamous celebrity in the news as of late. Today, however, his reality TV show “The Good Life” was cancelled after his rant on Twitter about his alleged rape of a woman who ended up in his bed two years ago and could not remember how she got there. Cee Lo Green decided to take to Twitter to express his frustration, tweeting the message “if someone is passed out they’re not even WITH you consciously. People who have really been raped REMEMBER!” The celebrity later deleted it, writing another message to apologize for his comment.

Cee Lo Green may not intend to hurt anyone, but surely, the star has heard of date-rape drugs. The solution is as easy as slipping a pill or liquid solution into someone’s drink, who passes out for a time before waking up to a place or event they do not recall. There have been quite a few rape victims who end up in the bed of someone, or the back of a truck or car, and have no recollection of anything beyond the moments leading up to ingesting a date-rape drug. It is not necessarily the case that every victim remembers his or her rape. While many do, many are medicated before the rape occurs – which renders the individual physically helpless to stop it as it occurs, and, in some cases, mentally helpless to recall events after a woman wakes up with her clothes off, for example.

The show never really took off, with Cee Lo Green getting no more than 677,000 views a night in the show’s on-time viewing audience, and many believe this is the reason why Green’s show got cancelled. At the same time, it seems that he abandoned The Voice when he became under suspicion for slipping a drug (ecstasy) to a woman that claims she does not know how she ended up in Cee Lo’s bed – and his social media rant has only made the situation worse. Sometimes, taking to social media to express outrage over an injustice may be therapeutic for the person under suspicion, but it can also give one’s opponents more evidence against the individual.

Cee Lo Green was sentenced to three years probation in Los Angeles, 52 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, and 360 hours of community service.