CERN resumes Large Hadron Collider to hunt for more Higgs bosons

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of Europe has finally started its operations after an extension of two weeks to its two-year upgrade program. The gigantic machine was used by scientists for discovering the Higgs boson a little over two years ago. Following that discovery, the machine was shut down for modifications.

The changes incorporated into the LHC will allow it in smashing protons using much higher energy. This in turn will give the smashed protons greater ability of searching for Higgs boson of different types.

For those who don’t know: Higgs boson is often referred to as the “God particle”. This is because scientists believe that Higgs boson is one of the main structural and functional units of our universe. In addition, the God particle also plays a significant role in super symmetry, dark matter and other mysteries of our universe.


The European Center of Nuclear Research CERN is the body responsible for operating the LHC. CERN is overseen by 21 member states. In addition, it has citizens form a number of other countries in the world who play vital roles in designing and running experiments.

According to Rolf Heuer, CERN’s Director General, people representing his organization are extremely excited about the restarting of the LHC.

CERN wanted the LHC to begin operations around two weeks back. However, that couldn’t happen due to detection of a short circuit in the machine. Here, it must be mentioned that repairing this massive machine is not an easy task. It contains a series of super-powerful electromagnets, which need to be at extremely cold temperature for functioning properly.

So, for repairing those electromagnets, one would first need to increase the temperature of the machine and then proceed with the necessary repair works. The job doesn’t end there; once the repair work is done, the machine needs to be cooled again and that also requires a lot of time. The operating temperature of the LHC is just 1.9° C above absolute zero (-456°F).

There are nor many people who will understand the physics phenomena of the LHC; however, almost everyone aware of this subject is interested to know the working procedure of our universe. This fact acts as the primary motivation of CERN’s efforts.