Chevrolet Colorado ‘GearOn’ Special Edition officially unveiled

Chevrolet has seen a rather large amount of success when it comes to their midsized pickup that took the market by storm this calendar year – taking many honors – including Motor Trends ‘Truck of the Year’ honors.  That being said, not everyone is entirely surprised or shocked by the latest “special edition” truck to be released by the company, as this is the first time that the company has captured such an award, or been so dominant in this particular arena.

The company officially unveiled the Chevy Colorado GearOn Special Edition, which will be set to debut at the Chicago auto show this week. The launch of the truck has actually sparked a fair amount of debate, as to whether the company even needed to release this type of vehicle – since the addition of the GearOn sports package was really the only addition to the traditional Colorado.

Chevy Colorado GearOn Edition

It has a sportier look, and will apparently be the ideal purchase for those “lifestyle” buyers who aren’t necessarily looking to use a pickup truck for traditional means. The company calls the additions “tools of adventure” and the price will also be a little on the adventurous side for anyone who is in the market for the Colorado GearOn Special Edition. The truck will feature upper rails, which will free the bed to be loaded with things other than lumber, and the traditional pickup truck items.

Chevrolet has their mind set on the fact that most drivers of Colorado’s are “lifestyle” truck drivers, rather than “work” truck drivers, which is probably a safe assumption. However, it’s still pretty unclear if the market will be able to handle such an addition to the already saturated pickup truck market.

On one hand, smaller, and more compact options are definitely becoming more popular. While on the other hand, truck drivers predominantly still want their larger – built for anything – pickup truck that can handle anything. While the Chevrolet Colorado might have picked up a valuable award and worthy recognition – they still aren’t producing the most-dominant full-sized truck. Many consumers, especially those who are willing to spend $25,000 or more on a pickup truck – might feel as though they’d be better off spending it on a full-sized truck, rather than spending it on a priced up midsized truck.