Chevrolet introduces Active Phone Cooling to COOOL your HOOOT smartphones

Chevrolet wants to cool down your smartphone when you’re on the road. That is the message that the company is sending, as it has developed a special system with your overheating smartphone in mind. We have all encountered it before. We’re heading down the road, and all of a sudden our smartphone will notify us that it’s overheated. It will either stop charging, if it is plugged in, or it will simply shut off until it has cooled off to the desired temperature.

It isn’t entirely your phones fault. While some smartphones are prone to this type of overheating, it isn’t something that is uncommon with smartphones. Even the best of smartphones can still overheat, and some of them are big named devices. Some Apple iPhone users have experienced various levels of overheating – even with some newer devices, and some Samsung users have talked about overheating issues with various devices.

These certainly aren’t the only names in the space either, when it comes to overheating. Sometimes it happens because the device is in the sun. Many people believe that when a smartphone overheats – the device is failing. However, that really isn’t the case in most instances. Rather, the device is merely reacting to conditions – like being in an incredibly warm car, or being exposed to an extensive amount of sunshine.

Smartphones don’t like heat and they don’t like extreme cold. However, smartphones do perform significantly better in the cooler temperatures than they do in very hot conditions. This is why Chevrolet went ahead and created Active Phone Cooling, which is available in upcoming Malibu models, as well as a few other Chevrolet models.

The logic behind it is simply. The air conditioning unit is indirectly connected to the charging dock, where smartphones will rest when they’re being charged, or sitting. The cool air will then be pumped to the phone, and a ventilation system will effectively be created – just like the one used to cool you off. This one though will ensure that your smartphone stays cool, and stays smart in the process.

Jeffrey Van Camp of Digital Trends pointed out that this technology is important, but that good policing on part of the user is also obviously needed. He said in part, “Over time, regular overheating can do permanent damage to the lithium ion batteries that power our smartphones. I always recommend keeping your phone in a cool, ventilated place, where it can stay at a comfortable room temperature, whether it’s charging or discharging.”

Dan Lascu, who’s an engineer on the Impala team pointed out that, “Sometimes simplicity offers the most elegant solution to a problem.” While this might not be the most technologically advanced design or system – this is one that is pretty simple in terms of execution, and something that’s important to the overall bottom line of the company. Working on simple things like this are a big part of what separates contenders from pretenders in any given industry. This is simply no different.