Climate change in China reaching boiling point

Climate change in China has officially reached its boiling point. Officials and experts are now warning that if humans do not reverse course immediately that the damage that is being done will be irreversible. The report calls climate change in China a “serious threat” to the infrastructure that China has created and the infrastructure elements that the country continues to stride for. Ultimately, it is a damning report for a country who has one of the largest outputs of carbon emissions which are said to be the biggest contributors to climate change as a whole globally. These greenhouse gases are what pollute the atmosphere that these countries and cities find themselves, leaving their inhabitants with few options in terms of coping.

“To face the challenges from past and future climate change, we must respect nature and live in harmony with it,” Xinhua pointed out – in a rarely captured, government admission that the current path the country, and the rest of the world for that matter is on, is one that will lead to a truly disastrous outcome. Amongst the issues that were raised in the admission is the fact that the change in the climate and the globing warming – ultimately will change weather patterns, make extreme weather events more harsh, and confirm what more than 95% of all scientific research has said in the last several decades.

More extremes are coming, too, according to China’s Meteorological Administration. They said in an official statement that, “By the end of the 21st century, there will be higher risks of extreme high temperatures, floods and droughts in China. The population growth and wealth accumulation in the 21st century is projected to have superposition and amplification effects on the risks of weather and climate disasters.”

The chorus of climate change conversation coming from China, who has largely remained quiet on such issues as climate change, is true confirmation for many. Now that they have seen and acknowledged the warning signs, there is little that can be said for those who continue to doubt the existence or extremity of global warming. This is just another example of the next domino falling in the climate change conversation, and humans as a whole growing closer to a day when irreversible damage has been done – and not having any options or methods to prevent further disaster from happening.