Here’s what happens when two supermassive black holes collide

What will happen when two massive black holes will collide? Will it destroy our planet or we will witness something that will change our current beliefs? Astrophysicists from Columbia University are predicting the collisions of the two massive black holes of this universe anytime soon in terms of planetary time. Scientists are expecting the two massive black holes to collide in the upcoming 100,000 years and cause ripples of gravitational force in the time-space.

The two black holes that are residing in the Virgo constellation have now been found much closer than previously thought. Approximately at a distance of one light-week from Earth, or 3.5 billion miles, these black holes are rotating so close to each other that when collided can create a burst of gravitational waves going to through the space-time.

As per the statistics, these are the closest black holes ever found that are going to collide very soon. Apparently, the collision can reveal facts regarding whether black holes and galaxies grow at the same rate or not. This is certainly not a good news for the living beings, but apparently, today’s and the forthcoming generation won’t be able to survive and experience the impacts of the collision.

Black holes are some of the most amazing happenings of this universe. There are billions of black holes around us, some having a size of a peanut waiting to be a bigger one, and some of them have become a reason for a galaxy to stabilize. Each of the galaxies have a black hole in the center, it holds a massive amount of weight and is so dense that even light cannot pass through it. These massive black holes are approximately 40x or 100x times the size of the Sun and are of a size similar to that of Pluto.

Black holes hold enormous gravitational pull and with this collision same is going to be generated outward.

This discovery may sound scary but can unveil the secrets universe has been hiding in the form of black holes. Questions about the evolution of black holes, galaxies, and planets may be the thing of past with the collision of these two black holes.

100,000 year is a very short period of the universe, as being on a 4.5 billion years old globe, Earth is still one of the youngest planets.