Cytisine more effective in nicotine replacement therapy, natural, inexpensive, and cheap

For those who are looking to quit smoking, and are looking for a less expensive method to quit – a recent study has found that there is a cheaper compound out there that is natural to help smokers quit. It’s called Cytisine, and it’s a chemical that comes from golden rain trees. For years, the chemical has been used in Eastern Europe, but the problem is that the chemical isn’t widely available – and even in Europe is only available in a handful of countries.

Scientists note that “Cytisine is one of the most affordable smoking cessation medicines available,” but due to its lack of availability in the world as a whole – it’s not a completely realistic option for a lot of the world. The study, which took place in New Zealand, found that those who took a Cytisine pill for 25 days while the study was occurring had a 9% increase in success rate over those who had used traditional methods – like nicotine replacement therapy.


For the 40% of people who used the Cytisine to quit smoking, they found far more success in the long term than the 31% of those who successfully quit smoking with the traditional methods. Scientists note that the natural chemical is actually just really good at tricking the brain – and ultimately this is why the success rates are so high associated with Cytisine. The chemical looks like nicotine to the brain, and it can’t really tell the difference, according to scientists. Ultimately, this ensures that those who smoke feel the urge to smoke reduce because the brain believes that it’s having its addiction fed, even though the chemical has no negative qualities – like nicotine.

The cost though is by far the most-impressive feature of this chemical and treatment. A 25-day cycle costs between $20-30 and is a fraction of the cost of Nicotine replacement treatments which cost upwards of $685 per treatment course – depending on the length of the treatment. The benefits are obvious beyond effectiveness.

Even if this newer treatment method isn’t more-effective than traditional methods and is only equally as effective it would still have many benefits. The most-obvious being that it would be more accessible due to the significantly lesser cost, and that would ultimately be able to save more lives, and cut medical costs associated with the healthcare costs for those who are smokers.


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