Derek Carr aching to play against Chargers

Despite being beset by injuries, rookie quarterback looks like he is raring to get back on the playing field when the Oakland Raiders host the San Diego Chargers. Carr has been joining his team’s practices although he is still being closely monitored on a day-to-day basis.

Carr left the Raiders when they lost to Miami last September 28 and has been in sickbay ever since. However, it could be a different story come game day as Carr is raring to help the Raiders’ cause in what many see as an imminent possibility.


Despite Carr’s claimed readiness and preparation for their upcoming matchup, interim coach Tony Saparano remains reserved on whether he would be playing his prized quarterback. Although Saparano did admit that the second round draft pick from Fresno State did move well, Carr’s ankle and knee issues are still an obvious cause for concern.

Saparano, who is taking over from Dennis Allen, has already huddled up with Carr, emphasizing that it was his team and that the team would go wherever he would go. In all, Saparano seems to be telling Carr to forget that he is a rookie and that he would need to step up, starting perhaps with their coming game against the Chargers.

And it looks like Carr is up to the challenge, mentally. But as far as the gravity of his injuries is concerned, such didn’t show during practice. On whether that mental preparedness could do wonders and work for Saparano, and the Raiders will be known come game day although the interim coach will still be in close tab on how healthy Carr really is.