Director Naoki Hamaguchi Unveils the Mystery Behind Red XIII’s Chocobo Ride in FFVII Rebirth

In a recent sit-down with FFVII Rebirth’s director, Naoki Hamaguchi, fans got a deeper insight into the upcoming project and the director’s vision for the second installment in the remake series. Among the many topics discussed, one that stood out was the peculiar sight of Red XIII riding a Chocobo.

Key Highlights:

  • Hamaguchi’s emphasis on creating a unique gameplay experience for the second title in the remake series.
  • The introduction of an expansive open-world portion in FFVII Rebirth.
  • The game offers a balance between the main storyline and side content, providing players with a sense of freedom in exploration.
  • Side content is designed to enhance the bonds and relationships between characters.
  • The game promises approximately 100 hours of gameplay, combining both main and side content.

A New Gameplay Experience:

Hamaguchi expressed his dedication to crafting a novel gameplay experience for FFVII Rebirth. Recognizing the importance of the second title in a trilogy, he aimed to deviate from the gameplay style of the first title to keep players intrigued about what’s next. While the cinematic and story-driven nature of the remake series remains a cornerstone, the addition of an expansive world to explore is a significant enhancement.

The Balance of Main Storyline and Side Content:

One of the game’s standout features is the seamless blend of the main storyline with a plethora of side content. Hamaguchi emphasized the importance of giving players the freedom to choose their path. Whether they wish to delve deep into the main storyline or explore side routes, the game offers a rich experience. The side content isn’t just a checklist of tasks; it’s intricately woven to deepen the overall storyline and enhance character relationships.

Lessons from the Past:

Drawing from the experience of developing the first game, Hamaguchi addressed concerns about the expansive world potentially diluting the storyline. He reassured fans that the game’s design ensures that the storyline remains robust and engaging, even with the introduction of a more open world.

The Curious Case of Red XIII and the Chocobo:

While the interview touched on various aspects of the game, fans are buzzing about Red XIII’s choice of transportation. The sight of this iconic character riding a Chocobo has raised many eyebrows and questions. Though the specifics were not detailed in this segment of the interview, it’s clear that this choice is one of the many surprises FFVII Rebirth has in store for its players.


In an enlightening interview with Naoki Hamaguchi, the director of FFVII Rebirth, fans were given a glimpse into the game’s expansive world, the balance of main and side content, and the lessons learned from the first installment. Among the many revelations, the intriguing sight of Red XIII riding a Chocobo has become a topic of much discussion and anticipation. As the release date approaches, players eagerly await the unraveling of this and many other mysteries in the game.