Dirty dark side of operating rooms: Anonymous essay reveals sexual assaults in OT

A report published a couple of months back talked about weird behavior of an anesthesiologist in the operating room. She reportedly talked trash about a patient who was then lying unconscious on the operation table. If that incident left you baffled, a recently published anonymous essay will do something more severe to you.

In the essay, which was published in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine earlier this week, a physician has described what exactly happened to a couple of women when they were sleeping in the operating room. The writer has used graphic detail for describing the horrifying events.

According to the essay, a doctor who was preparing a woman before carrying out a vaginal hysterectomy reportedly said that he is sure that the woman is enjoying the experience. The other event described in the essay involved an obstetrician who performed a vulgar dance after saving a new mother’s life; the woman was bleeding out severely after giving birth.

Annals of Internal Medicine, the journal that started its journey way back in 1927, is not known for publishing this kind of articles. It was established by the American College of Physicians and is primarily known for publishing technical essays on medical research and disease management.

This essay on the reality of operating rooms was accompanied by a letter, in which the journal’s editorial team has said that they are wondering whether it’s right to publish the write-up. They revealed that every member of the team has agreed that the essay is scandalous and disgusting and might damage the reputation of the profession. However, while some of the members argued that it’s not right to make the essay public due to its scandalous nature, others felt that the journal shouldn’t shy away from publishing it.


In the letter, Christine Laine, the editor-in-chief, and her colleagues, wrote that the discussion held on the essay was so emotional and resulted in such diverse opinions that the team required a break to get rid of the stress.

The team finally decided to publish the essay as it wanted to expose the dark underbelly of the world of medicine. According to the editorial team, the first incident described in the essay represents disrespect and misogyny, while the second had all that along with strong signs of racism and sexual assault.

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