Dodge Challenger Hellcat formidable muscle car

Dodge has watched muscle car sales increase over the last several years, as they’ve become more efficient, and more effective in being able to negotiate the tighter budgets and more efficiency favored gas tanks. Now though, Dodge has finally come up with a muscle car that can stand up to the crowd and really defeat some of the standing champions. The 2015 Dodge Challenger Hellcat is that vehicle.

A 707 HP Hemi engine, with the best design and styling in the entire car space – combined with a $60,000 base price tag means Dodge delivered with the Charger Hellcat for 2015 that takes it to the competition. CEO Tim Kuniskis pointed out that strength and power were both at the heart of the conversations around the vehicles.


He said, “If we tried to satisfy (critics) and trim weight off it and make it shorter, we’re going to turn off the other 95 percent who want it bigger and heavier – the everyday regular driver who wants a comfortable car.” He went on to note that, “We decided, why not put the biggest most powerful engine in it and satisfy both camps.”

Combine this with the fact that the vehicle will bring a very sturdy build with some very interesting features – especially in the tech space, and you’re left with a really impressive vehicle from tip to tail. A touch screen display will feature all of the settings, and modifications that one could possibly want to make while still driving a muscle car really creates a unique combination of tech-savvy and muscle car inspiration.

Overall though, this points to the changing tide with regards to muscle cars and their surprising re-emergence into the competitive, and mainstream markets. While muscle cars remain a niche item – especially with the cost that is associated with many of them – it’s the point that now in 2015 – a year is setting up that a true battle could take place. Whether it’s Dodge, Ford or Chevrolet – all three of the major players in the muscle car space are setting up to have formidable entrants in the 2015 contest. It will make for an interesting year, in a space that has been increasingly competitive over the last two to four years, making some car enthusiasts hearts race.