Does Anyone Use MultCloud?

MultCloud, as its name suggests, is a multiple cloud storage manager. It is a web app, which supports more than 30 clouds so far. Including cloud drives as Google Drive, OneDrivem, Dropbox, Amazon Drive, Box, MEGA, etc. Private cloud as ownCloud. Some services as FTP, WebDAV. Others as Flickr, MySQL and so on. MultCloud is a tool to manage files in them in one place.

Why need MultCloud?

You have many clouds, manage them manually is a trouble, thus you need the tool MultCloud to merge them together. That’s why MultCloud supports so many clouds. If you want to move files between clouds services, MultCloud as a middle-man is a good helper. MultCloud provides a platform that you don’t need to download first then re-upload later.

Features of MultCloud

The key feature of MultCloud is transferring. There are many ways to transfer files across clouds services in MultCloud. Under Cloud Explorer interface, context menu’s “Copy” and “Copy to”, direct dragging&dropping by mouse. Or switch to Cloud Transfer window, set transfer task or even schedule transfer task.

Certainly, MultCloud as a clouds management software, it has common management options like in Windows Explorer: create, delete, rename, cut, preview, properties, etc. When uploading files to cloud via MultCloud, it supports upload URL, that means you can download a file from the website and store in the cloud directly instead of storing in the local disk at first. What’s more, MultCloud’s share function is powerful too. There is a share centre management on the left clouds panel. You can create a shared folder and realize cooperate work in a group with MultCloud’s help.

If you are the first time to use MultCloud. You can experience to try it without registration. MultCloud will give you a temporary username and password. This is also an amazing and useful feature of MultCloud.

How to use MultCloud?

Sign in MulCloud, either experience or sign up is OK. Then start to add cloud.

Since the authorization system of MultCloud is based on OAuth, so it accesses to supported OAuth cloud drives will not need inputting username and password in MultCloud. For example Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. Authorization page is on the cloud’s official website.

For others need to input username, password and other information. Don’t worry, your data and files will not be saved on MultCloud’s server. And you can remove the connection at any time.

Notice that MultCloud provides is traffic but not storage. That’s why MultCloud does not save your data and files. What’s more, MultCloud uses 256-bit AES encryption for SSL when website connecting and data transferring. It is safe to use MultCloud. MultCloud gives people free 50GB traffic for cloud data transfer every month.

My view

I like MultCloud because I can use it everywhere has the Internet on any device. When I committing transformation task, the speed is OK for me. Usually, I use it to preview document and pictures. Sharing files to friends. In a word, I like this idea.

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