Dole creates edible wearable banana equipped with LED lights, battery & sensors

Dole has created something, and is exploring one of the grayest areas that have ever been sought after in the consumer electronics space. While many people are quick to be thinking about the rush of Android smartphones that are on the way – like the Samsung Galaxy S6, or HTC One M9 – or even the Apple Watch for that matter – Dole is going someplace where no company has dared to go yet. They have created an edible, and wearable banana.

The banana is equipped with LED lights, a battery, and enough sensors to determine the user’s heart rate. If that’s not enough, it will even be able to read tweets, as well. The wearable banana was created for the Tokyo Marathon – that is sponsored by Dole and has been for some time. However, two lucky runners or unlucky runners – will have the opportunity to wear these wearable bananas during the race itself.


It may seem completely off-topic to think of wearable technology when you think of the fruit that you love to consume every day – but it’s very strange to think that a banana that could measure your heart rate could also be eaten. However, that just happens to be the case. This isn’t something that anyone is going to take too seriously, at least for the time being, and is probably a show of respect and the show of the times – by Dole – rather than a move into the wearable tech space. A wearable banana is not something that anyone is going to be rushing out to buy in the near future, and likely will not see the private market at all.

The move though to create a banana that has all of these bells and whistles really does speak to what kind of efforts different companies – even those who are in the food space – are having to go through in order to generate excitement. If a wearable banana still doesn’t appeal to you – for most people – then the Apple Watch will have to do when that releases in a few months.