Donald Trump wins the Indiana primary: Now Republican nominee

After a decisive victory in Indiana primary followed by the drop out of Ted Cruz from the campaign, helps Trump to be the presumptive Republican nominee.

After the massive victory on Tuesday Trump said “we are going to make America great again” he also expressed his feeling by saying “it is a beautiful thing to watch and beautiful thing to be hold.”

The Republican front-runner finishes the Indiana primary with 53 percent of votes leading to his competitor Cruz who has 37 percent of votes, showing he will win most of the delegates, if not all, out of Indiana’s 57 delegates. On the day, the billionaire has 996 of the 1237 delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination.Whereas Cruz and Kasich were far behind with 565 and 153 delegates.

After the results, Cruz said, “we gave everything we have got, but voters chose another path, so with a heavy heart we are suspending our campaign.”

After this announcement, Reince Priebus chairman of Republican National Committee tweeted Trump is the presumptive nominee of Republican.

Trump also praises Cruz by saying “Cruz is a smart, tough guy and a tough competitor.”

Now, Trump being a presumptive nominee of Republican, he turned his fire over Clinton and “saying Clinton doesn’t understand trade and she will not be a good president.”

Although there are still five weeks left in the primary season including California and four other states. But it seems clear that Trump will be the nominee for the GPOs. As Kasich is vast distance behind the Trump.