Donald Trump’s Forces Gear Up For Another Assault On The Capitol

The primetime broadcast hearings investigating the assault of Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, will be both revealing and unsettling, if Thursday’s first session is any indication. However, they are not about America’s history, despite the fact that they are set on a winter day 18 months ago. They are a forewarning concerning the future of the country.

Make no mistake: the details of what happened in the halls of the US Congress when a violent mob attempted to reverse a democratic election by obstructing the formal certification of Joe Biden’s victory are a valuable and horrifying addition to the history record.

The House committee examining the attempted insurgency for the past year – accumulating over 140,000 documents and interviewing over 1,000 witnesses – determined that when Trump learned that the rioters were yelling “Hang Mike Pence,” he responded by saying that his vice president “deserved” it.

What Tucker Carlson Says?

Previously unseen evidence and new testimony demolished one Republican congressman’s claim that the insurgents’ behaviour on January 6 was akin to a “typical tourist visit” or, as Fox News’ most popular personality, Tucker Carlson, said on Thursday, a “forgettable, little outbreak of violence.”

Caroline Edwards, a police officer who suffered a traumatic brain injury during the Capitol’s breach, reported being stampeded, knocked unconscious, pepper-sprayed, and tear gassed. She slipped over due to the abundance of blood on the floor. She described it as “carnage.” “It was a complete mess,” says the narrator.

Election Was Stolen?

Furthermore, individuals close to Trump were well aware that the driving force behind the violence was a fabrication. They were aware that Biden had triumphed over Trump. The allegation that the 2020 election was stolen is “bullshit,” according to Trump’s attorney general, William Barr. Ivanka Trump, President Donald Trump’s daughter, agreed.

Many of the Republicans in Congress who supported the falsehood were well aware that it was false — and that by doing so, they were breaking their oath. The investigators discovered that “several” Republican legislators had rushed to seek presidential pardons from Trump for their actions, which included attempting to rig a lawful election.


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