Earth like MISS structures in Gillespie Lake depicts life on Mars

Mars Curiosity Rover has been doing a lot of research on the Red Planet over the course of its existence. It was only recently that scientists and astronomers suggested that thanks to the research that the Curiosity rover water was likely on the planet at one time. Now though, an even more interesting find has been discovered. The photos that Curiosity has been taking have shown that there might actually be fossilized remains of microbial life on Mars.

Scientists suggest that according to the photos, the fossilized remains are likely similar to what scientists and archeologists have recovered here on Earth. The comparison of life is not unheard of, given the fact that oftentimes, Mars has been compared to Earth for the way the planet might have been arranged at one time.


Ultimately, the notion of the research is fairly simple. Scientists believe that when common aspects are found around the planet – as obvious as it may seem – similar forms of life would likely have made them. That being said, while it doesn’t guarantee that life existed on Mars, it certainly does open up the door to suggest that scientists and those studying the Red Planet can actually begin drawing similar conclusions from similarly created remains or portions on the planet.

For example, by identifying and evaluating the sediment on the planet scientists could actually begin to understand what kind of events were happening. That being said, it could lead scientists to fully-discovering and identifying things like floods, and remains of things like lake beds and more.

All of this research is important because it begins to draw more significant comparisons between Earth and Mars – which is crucial to learning more about the Red Planet. While Earth and Mars are not exact matches, and as far as the state of the planet currently – neither are the same today – the learning that can be done is something that is important. Scientists will take the photos and the hypothesis’ that have been presented with regards to Mars and the existence of life on the planet – past and even present – as some other research has suggested.