‘Earth a New Wild’ with M. Sanjayan coming to PBS

‘Earth a New Wild’ on PBS is looking to document some of the finer things here on Earth, including people. The new show, which will be featured on PBS is a documentary that will focus on all of the great things that are here on this planet – like animals, geography, and, of course, humans. The show will also dive into the climate change debate, talk about, and hopefully show the viewing public just how we’re impacting the Earth – in good ways, and naturally the bad ways, too. Interestingly though, the show will essentially go through the different issues, and then explain whether humans and animals would make it through the problems that we are likely creating ourselves. Things like catastrophic climate change, extinction of animals, and more, but with a scientific twist.


Ultimately, shows like this – which are loosely based in reality – but locked in scientific fact have seen a lot of success. There have been a lot of series, most notably probably is Planet Earth, which works to enlighten and educate people on our planet – as well as some of the things we do – both good and bad. The show will feature locations all around the world and will feature some interesting things. It will show stories of people in different countries, all living different lifestyles, as well as animals in their natural – as well as unnatural habitat. This show will work to bring the inner conservation out of all of us, and work to really drive home the fact that conservation, climate change, and the Earth need to be looked at significantly differently than they’re currently viewed.


The damage that is being done to the Earth as a whole, by the way humans are interacting with it – is something that has become a mainstay within the human race, and something that has even become politically driven. While these shows don’t necessarily have the conservational impact that many wish they would – like their creators – they do have an impact on the dialogue surrounding the subjects and that is where this show, like the others, will work to achieve. Plus, the show will feature panda bears – which is always an interesting twist – when we’re talking about adding animals that otherwise don’t get a lot of airtime on conventional primetime lineups.