EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard: Fine Tuned Data Recovery Software

EaseUS gave its 12 years making the EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard as perfect as it is now. EaseUS fine tuned this data recovery software to its best and now it is capable of retrieving every single bit of lost data in no time. The accuracy is not the only thing which makes this data recovery software unique, as you read the title “EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard”. This whole software is kind of a wizard which takes you through some steps to recover your data easily. If you think these are the only features makes this data recovery software unique then you got a lot to read below, check them all out.

Free of Cost

The EaseUS Data Recovery Software Wizard is a free tool which lets you recover 2GB data for free, no credit card or payment details required. You just have to download the free tool install it and recover the files right away. There are no restrictions of any kind on recovering the 2GB data using the free version of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard.

Supported File Types

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard supports all file types of files like images, videos, zipped files, audio files, document files, system files and much more. It even previews some of the file types before recovering them, you can recover images, videos (small clips) and audio files. The previews for pictures are instantaneous, just select them and you’ll see a preview in the right pane immediately.

Recover Folders

Other file recovery files just scan the location and just give you a list of files which were lost in a listview. You have to select the files one by one and it takes a lot of time to select each one of them, it can be even more frustrating if you lost a whole folder full of documents. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard gives you perfect result in folders, it shows you the folder which you lost from the locations and you can recover the whole folder as it was there before.

If you are a big spender on Steam or GOG then you know how many drives you can have full of games. You can’t even recover that whole folder for games and it will run as it was running before, you won’t lose a single file from the game directory.

Any Data Loss Crisis

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover files from all kinds of data loss crisis including malware attack.You can recover data from an accidentally formatted drive, crashed hard drive (internal or external), data loss by a virus, partition loss, raw partition or any other cases of data loss.

Conclusion and Pricing

Money seems less important when you lose files which are very important for you or you worked very hard on. The data loss recovery experts will charge you a lot and even then you won’t get the data full managed as it was before. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard can recover whole folders for you without skipping the single file.

EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard won’t cost you anything if you are recovering files below 2GB but if you want to recover more data than you have to pay EaseUS a sum of Rs. 5,640. You will get more than what you pay; lifetime free upgrade and lifetime technical support. You can even try the Pro version for free to see how better the Pro version works.