Eat Proteins & Vegetables before carbohydrates to maintain Glucose level

New research has found that the order in which you consume your food is significant for those with diabetes. Specifically, the study found that for those with type 2 diabetes, saw significant impacts in their blood sugar, if they were consuming foods in a specific order. Most notably, in the order of the food pyramid. That meant for those consuming carbs last, blood sugar levels were most sustainable and healthy amongst diabetics.

Dr. Louis Aronne, who was the senior author on the study pointed out that, “We’re always looking for ways to help people with diabetes lower their blood sugar.” He went on to specifically point out that, “We rely on medicine, but diet is an important part of this process, too. Unfortunately, we’ve found that it’s difficult to get people to change their eating habits.”


Interestingly, this is something that scientists and researchers have pointed out before. They’ve said repeatedly that while medication does a great job at managing various illnesses, it doesn’t actually correct the problem, or address it at the root of its cause. Rather, they collectively point out that the solutions we seek should be more specific in managing or dealing with illnesses, without just assigning medication. Along with that logic, the thought process is that medication should treat, instead of simply providing a band aid to a problem.

Dr. Aronne went on to point out that, “This study points to an easier way that patients might lower their blood sugar and insulin levels.” Ultimately, this is what medical science is all about. It’s about finding better solutions to problems that we face as people in the medical community without simply throwing more medication at a growing problem.

Specifically, the study found that those who consumed carbs last, had blood sugar levels 29% lower after the first 30 minutes, and then 37% lower after an hour. The team pointed out that this study would help in a major way because it gives doctors a different method of engaging in a conversation with their patients. Dr. Aronne said, “Based on this finding, instead of saying ‘Don’t eat that’ to their patients, clinicians might instead say, ‘Eat this before that’.”

In all, we’re talking about ways to address something as terrible as Type 2 diabetes without actually having to deal with the negative side-effects of medication. The side-effects are endless and something that can cause serious problems for those who are trying to battle the illness without any medication.