Ebola: Hero doctor returns to place he contracted virus

A hero Ebola doctor is getting a heroes welcome back to Liberia where he contracted the virus, while fighting it this year. The Ebola outbreak in Africa was one of the most prolific virus outbreaks in recent years, and left many wondering about how the virus would advance in our modern world – while it raged throughout much of Africa. For Kent Brantly, the Ebola doctor in question here, he was simply doing what he loved. He had a passion for helping others and working to create better for those in the world around him.

The move to treat Ebola patients over in Liberia was a matter of simple necessity, according to Brantly. He described his desire to help others as something that he couldn’t fight and couldn’t stop within him. Even when he contracted the virus himself, his wife said that he maintained an even keel approach to dealing with the virus, when she herself felt as though she wanted to give up on everything knowing her husband had contracted the virus that had already killed thousands.


She said of the days after she found out he had contracted Ebola, “I cried a lot; he was so matter of fact and calm,” she said. “All I could do was cry and tell him how sorry I was for him and to stay strong and keep fighting. … I wanted to be there beside him and be there to bring him chicken soup and water.”


For many of the patients who had contracted Ebola, this was the overall experience level for those individuals. The virus was one that had to be ridden out throughout a long period of time, and left many individuals wondering. Since Brantly’s illness, he has written a book about the struggle that the family faced as he battled Ebola, and eventually won.

The family describes themselves as still getting back into the groove of living life after the entire ordeal. In fairness, that is one of the most extreme events to have to grapple with, so the fact that they were able to challenge the illness, win, and then return to the place that they had originally been challenged is saying a lot. For Brantly though, he keeps the entire ordeal in perspective by remembering that he did beat the virus, and that ultimately – we’re talking about saving lives. This is what was crucial in stopping the virus in Africa, when it was spreading like wildfire earlier in the year.