Elon Musk’s Hyperloop dream could be reality

LOS ANGELES, CA – Elon Musk’s dream about being able to travel across the United States in a fraction of the amount of time required to fly cross-country might be more feasible than originally thought. What might have sounded like a strange Sci-Fi dream, which would fit better in a movie set centuries forward into the future – is now being made a reality by 100 engineers.

Even more impressively, they argue that the system could be built in 10 years. This project began as a Kickstarter campaign, and just like that Hyperloop Transportation Technologies was born. Hyperloop sounds dangerous when explained without any additional details, than the details that describe how it actually functions. But, the truth is that Hyperloop would be significantly safer than other modes of transportation, and noting that in addition to finding no safety issues in the conceptual design – that cost would be incredibly low as well.


However, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies did conceded in a 76-page document that selection of building materials, and managing construction costs would be crucial to make this dream a reality, and keep those prices affordable. The company said that the first run could be from Los Angeles to San Francisco, but many have said that there would be political and geographical concerns with that route as the “first route.” More likely, those close to the Hyperloop point out that the first route could be a Los Angeles to Las Vegas, since the geography of that move would be significantly less challenging.


That’s not to say though that geography would prevent major tracks from being laid down. The tracks that would hold the capsules, which would be propelled by massive fans – and would push travelers an estimated 760mph reducing a 400-mile commute to a mere thirty minute ride. Ultimately, what Hyperloop is doing is working to create something that can rival airfare, and other methods regionally that don’t do as well in time.


A travel method like this, which remains as cost-effective as it’s being developed could be something that would bring forced changes to airfare. Especially given the fact that Hyperloop is looking to connect the entire United States, from one coast to the other. Connecting much of the United States, and making the regional routes possible in just 10 years provides a plan for something that could completely change the way people travel.