Elon Musk’s X to Revolutionize Social Media with Biometric Data and Voice, Video Calls

Elon Musk is no stranger to innovation. Recently, he announced that his social network, X, formerly known as Twitter, will introduce groundbreaking features. One of the most talked-about updates is the ability for users to make voice and video calls directly on the platform. This news has been confirmed by multiple sources, including MarketWatch and AP News. But that’s not all. X is also planning to collect biometric and employment data from its users.

The decision to collect biometric information is a significant step. According to CNBC, this data collection is part of an update to X’s privacy policy. The platform may store and use this biometric data for various purposes, although the specifics are yet to be disclosed. The New York Post also reported that users wouldn’t need a phone number to make audio and video calls on X. This feature is expected to make the platform more accessible and secure, as biometric data could potentially be used for authentication.

Elon Musk’s move to integrate voice and video calls into X is seen as a game-changer. It’s a direct challenge to other social media platforms and communication apps. The feature aims to make interactions more personal and immediate, breaking down the barriers of text-based communication. The introduction of biometric data collection is also a bold move. It could set a new standard for user verification, making the platform safer and more secure. However, it also raises questions about privacy and data security, topics that are already hotly debated in the tech world.

The announcement has stirred both excitement and concern among users and experts alike. While the new features promise to revolutionize the way we use social media, they also open up discussions about ethical considerations. How will the platform ensure the secure storage and ethical use of biometric data? What measures will be in place to protect user privacy? These are questions that X will need to address as it rolls out these new features.

In summary, Elon Musk’s X is set to redefine social media interaction with its upcoming features. The ability to make voice and video calls will make the platform more versatile, while the collection of biometric data could offer enhanced security measures. As always, Musk is at the forefront of technological innovation, but only time will tell if these features will be as transformative as they promise to be.