ESPN versus Verizon over FiOS TV la carte pricing model

Verizon wants to change the way the cable game is played, and they’re doing it by introducing something that could completely revolutionize the industry. While companies like Sony have been working out options and agreements between different broadcast companies, which would give consumers a better, and less expensive alternative to cable – Verizon is looking to bridge the gap more closely and deliver something that really hasn’t been delivered to this point by any of the major cable companies.

The offerings aren’t overly impressive, right off the bat. However, they are very interesting, and point out some crucial things regarding the future of cable as a whole. In fact, the packages that start at $55 per month, for just TV and that offers two additional channel packages that will give the users some extra individual choice. These packages are called genre packages and include, kids, pop culture, lifestyle, entertainment, news & info, sports and sports plus.


Companies like ESPN have called the offerings fictional, and even gone as far as to point out that they are in violation of the contracts that exist with Verizon. ESPN said in a statement, “Among other issues, our contracts clearly provide that neither ESPN nor ESPN2 may be distributed in a separate sports package.” For those who are looking for additional packages though, in addition to the baseline offering – those customers will have to shell out an extra $10 per package.

Adding Internet to that bundle will also bump up the price slightly. The base package, which includes Internet service, will cost just $75. Which is a pretty good price – however, the plans and pricing all are contingent on a two-year contract. The big questions that are out there right now are mostly revolving around the curiosity regarding the future of cable and television entertainment.

There are two major things to take away from this deal. First it’s that this is going to push some of the regulation and current stagnation that exists in the cable market out of the way. In creating these types of packages Verizon will have effectively put together the first major form of competition that doesn’t just offer the same thing as cable companies already offer. In many ways, it’s the beginning of a smaller, broken down package offering that will give customers more options.

The draw with a package offering like this from Verizon is that they’re finally going to start drawing customers away from big cable companies. Companies like Netflix and Hulu have already been taking customers away from big cable companies, especially as many in the U.S. have been looking to cut the cord, and get away from the big contracts. For most people, this is a step in the right direction – and it will be honored as that throughout.