Exploding Kittens gains $4.7 million with most Kickstarter backers ever

‘Exploding Kittens’ the card game has garnered an incredible amount of attention. That attention has never been any more apparent than through the games Kickstarter campaign. It recently became the single most backed Kickstarter campaign in the history of Kickstarter, and it still is growing. It’s interesting because the game – which has 111,000 backers have donated over $4.7 million, and there’s still a significant amount of time left in the campaign. While the game is relatively complex, it focuses on the illustrations of Matthew Inman – and the creators of the game itself Elan Lee and Shane Small – previously working as Xbox video game developers.

Kickstarter has been famous for giving projects, mostly tech-related projects, and even some entertainment projects legitimate backing through donors. The donors – in most cases – receive some kind of copy of whatever it is that is being invested in. In this case, a $20 donation – or more – would earn a copy of the game. Initially, the team only expected to sell around 1,000 decks of cards – in perhaps a best case scenario. However, the group has now had to fulfill more than 100 times that many orders – making the demand almost impossible to keep up with.

Many though, have wondered what the team is going to do with the money now that the cash is rolling in for the game. While Kickstarter had some indication that the game would do well, no one, including its founders had any indication that the game would perform this well. “We certainly feel indebted to the community,” said Elan Lee. As for the money though, he continued “We don’t know yet,” what is going to be done with the money – or what path the team would take the game.


It’s interesting because it completely changes the dynamic of how people perceive success. This method of crowdsourcing continues to prove that conventional methods of success are not always the guaranteed ways for success. Instead, this is proof that sometimes the most-unconventional methods are the most rewarding. Now, not only does the team have a cash backup to really develop their product – but they also have an incredible community and team to actually build something that could be significantly larger than what they have ever dealt with in the past. This could, in theory, become the next highly-demanded card game – that entirely changes the way card games are received.

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