Ezra Miller Will No Longer Play ‘The Flash’

Warner Bros. Discovery, the optimists, is hoping for the best for Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen on The Flash. The actor who has played the Justice League superhero in franchise movies for the past few years has been in hot water and has been even more of a talking point in discussions about the upcoming feature.

According to Geekosity, the studio has opted to hold Miller accountable for their actions, fire them from any other DC projects, and forbid them from attending the film’s upcoming press tour even if they still intend to move forward with the now $200 million productions. Also, the young celebrity will seek assistance for their previous violent behavior.

Ezra Miller was accused of engaging in immoral activities again just when he appeared to have learned from their actions and turned inward. This most recent report comes from a German woman who has known Miller for a long time and claims that she was afraid for her safety following an extreme fit of rage.

A lovely night for the two of them had been interrupted by the claimed altercation inside her house. According to the buddy, she refused Miller’s request to light up a cigarette and smoke inside and suggested he go outside instead. The woman claims that Miller did not like the response and became enraged, scattering cigarette leaves all over her house

Drug Addiction

And this was just the most recent in a long line of accusations against the DC icon. A couple in Hawaii claimed that Ezra Miller broke into their hostel bedroom, stole their passports and wallets, and threatened them verbally. The actor has been the subject of counts of drug possession, disorderly conduct, assault allegations, and even received a restraining order. While all of this conduct may seem out of the blue, Warner Bros. has finally acknowledged that it has been going on for months.

All of the studio’s alternatives, including recasting Ezra Miller and reshooting all of their sequences in a movie whose title is the superhero’s actual name, depending on how much money they have.