Facebook 20.1 update brings Auto Enhancement to make photos better

Sharing photos is now one of the most popular form of engagement today on the social media. The better the photo sharing features are, the more likely users are going to spend more time on that platform. Take Instagram for example. Its sheer success is driven by its quick photo sharing feature and various filters that give dull images life.

Facebook is now joining this revolution. Although people already use Facebook to upload tons of pictures, and despite the fact that the company now owns Instagram which recently surpassed Twitter in terms of number of users, Facebook is now enabling an ‘auto enhancement’ feature for every photo uploaded from its mobile app. The new feature is being rolled out to Facebook’s iOS application. The company says it will soon make its way to Android.


The new feature, which is enabled by default, will start enhancing your photos as soon as you upload them. It basically changes highlights and shadows to correct the lighting of your shots and bring more clarity to your picture. You can even control how much of Facebook’s auto enhancement is applied to your image by toning the effect up or down. It’s a neat little feature that lets you turn down the effect if you think it’s too much.

For a social network like Facebook, it’s interesting to see that they have come up with this auto enhancement feature this late. Other social networking sites that allow sharing images like Twitter, Snapchat and Google+ have had this feature for some time now. Twitter basically copied the filtering system of Instagram, Snapchat enabled to apply more than one filters to the single photo, and Google+ introduced auto-awesome feature which has been more than once said to be ‘magical.’

While Facebook’s new enhancement feature isn’t as great as Google’s auto-awesome, it can take some of your terrible shots and make them look good. As soon as the update hits your device, all of your new photos will start receiving auto enhancement after you upload them. You can double tap on them to cancel the enhancement feature, or you can permanently stop the new feature.


To stop auto enhancement on your Facebook app, tap the more button in Facebook app, go to Settings -> Videos and Photos, and disable “Enhance Automatically”. This will prevent the app from automatically enhancing every one of your pictures when you upload them. You can turn this back on if you think you’re missing it.


How users react to this new feature remains to be seen. But it’s no wonder that some people will find this useful to save their terrible shots and give them life.