Facebook, Google, Apple celebrate pride after same-sex marriage decision

Facebook, Google, Apple, and dozens of other major companies here in the United States celebrated the Supreme Court’s decision to make marriage equality a federally accepted phenomenon. While some continued to chant against same-sex marriage after the decision, perhaps the most vocal of groups to applaud the high-courts decision were companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, American Airlines, and many others. All of these companies displayed images and messages of support for same-sex couples as they gain the right that most felt they deserved.

Google changed both O’s in their name to a rainbow color, which signified their ties to the LGBT community, as well as their support to them. Similarly, Facebook, Apple, American Airlines, and many others followed suit with similar tributes. Perhaps most interstingly, Facebook launched a filter for profile pictures, which would go rainbow to show support for the LGBT community.

Marriage Equality

Everyone is entitled to use this feature, and users can support the LGBT community and the Supreme Court decision by simply following a few steps. Facebook has made it incredibly simple by creating a link for users to go to in order to create a rainbow profile picture. Users can head over to facebook.com/celebratepride to turn their profile picture rainbow to show that support. Once the user arrives at that page, they will be shown what their profile picture will look like with the filter applied.

Upon seeing that the user will then have the opportunity to accept it, or modify it by selecting another picture. Again, not all pictures are created equal, and while most have had good luck – certain quality photos will have a tougher time handling the filter. Once the user has selected an image that they’re satisfied with, they can then set it to be their profile picture.


One thing in particular though, which some have failed to notice, is that the filter itself was added to show support for the LGBT community as a whole, and the timing of the Supreme Court decision was secondary. However, Facebook and Google aren’t alone in pushing the entire movement forward.

Apple is participating by taking part in an iPhone study, which will look at the health statistics of those who fall into the LGBT community. To this point, there has been a very small amount of data on the group of people as a whole, and ResearchKit wants to change that. ResearchKit has been launched by Apple, and will look at and collect the health information of those in the LGBT community, and give medical researchers more information to work with, which will hopefully improve the overall healthiness of Americans broadly.