Facebook Messenger P2P payment feature challenges Google Wallet and PayPal

Facebook may soon be making it possible to send money with the messenger app, to anyone that is currently your friend. Screenshots of the features were noticed by a computer science student who revealed the find by releasing the photos onto Twitter.

The screenshots appear to reveal the relatively simple process that includes entering your credit card, or debit card number – having the ability to enter a pin, and then simply being able to attach it – like a photo in an actual conversation to utilize the card in making a payment.


There also seems to be a payment history screen within the actual settings of the application and card, but it doesn’t seem to be very telling beyond the fact that payments will be sent and received on the platform.

However, many have begun speculating that because the feature is already in a live version of the application, that this means that Facebook is getting very close to launching a payments application that will either be a standalone – which would be unlikely, even now – or an embedded portion of the already successful social network applications.

Mark Zuckerberg had previous hinted at this stating that “over time there will be some overlap between [Messenger] and payments.” This though isn’t the first time customers and users alike have heard the potential entering of Facebook into the payments and shopping space.


In fact, in just the last few weeks Facebook has been involved in a lot of conversations with Stripe – who has reportedly been looking to partner with Facebook in an effort to create and start a ‘Buy’ button, and insert it on Facebook news feeds, and business pages that it would fit and make sense to do so with.

However, this shows the growing evolution of social networks and the tech space as a whole. As focus begins to leave basic interaction – and starts to really integrate all forms of interaction to make them one. Instead of just connecting with old friends, you’re talking about connecting with old and new friends, sharing ideas about products and things that are great, and now buying things, as well as making payments to people or things.


It would seem that under the direction that the company and application is headed, it will only be a matter of time before Facebook is at the center of the payments space entirely.