Facebook starts recruitment for drone-related jobs (Report)

Drones have continued to become the trending technology that big firms are fighting to invest in. With companies like Amazon revealing their future plans with drones, Facebook has also taken the initiative for not staying behind in the competition. Just about recently, Facebook posted three new job openings related to drones for its Connectivity Lab. The job openings are ostensibly in direct consequence of Facebook’s acquisition of a U.K based aerospace company, Ascenta, 8 months earlier.

The job positions are related to thermal and power systems, avionics, and control engineers for projects related to drones or aircrafts in a broader sense. According to Re/code, Facebook is in search of lead and associate technicians for the assembling of the mechanical structure and components of aircrafts. Moreover, they need an engineer for the following purpose:

“Assist in the development, inspection, and testing of a high-altitude solar-powered aircraft.”


So far, Facebook has declined to comment on the developments, but one of Facebook’s spokesperson confirmed that in addition to closely working with and reporting to Facebook, the new hires will also work in tandem with drone manufacturers in UK.

With its 5-membered Ascenta team under its belt, Facebook aspires to rapidly expand the horizons of its Internet.org project by involving drones that will provide drone-powered Internet access around the world. The 5 membered team of Ascenta is famous for working on Zephyr, the longest flying solar powered drone ever created. Ascenta’s credentials speak for themselves as to why the social network giant’s interest was caught by Ascenta.

As for Internet.org project, the project has made considerable and commendable progress so far. In March, Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a blog post that 3 million people in Philippine and Paraguay have internet access, owing to Internet.org. Moreover, he mentioned that a venture aiming to connecting the entire world via internet requires new technology and that the Connectivity Labs has been working on projects “on the ground, in the air, and in orbit.”

So, snatching a job to build drones for Facebook sounds quite a blessing. Those who think they have it to be a Facebook employee don’t forget to apply for the jobs.


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