Fiat Chrysler has revamped the 300 to compete with Toyota and GM

The 300, which was last revamped by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles in 2011 has again been resigned by the company. Today, we’ll see the company showcasing the new refurbished model of the vehicle at the Los Angeles Auto Show; experts are saying that Fiat Chrysler has decided to give its 300 car a new look primarily to draw in buyers from Japanese automaker Toyota Motor Corporation and American car manufacturer General Motors Company.

Chrysler has had a wonderful time in the last four years; it has experienced serious sales gain during each of the past 55 months, which has allowed it to strongly recover from the bankruptcy it faced in 2009 and become the fastest-growing leading automobile manufacturer in the United States.


In spite of such rapid rise, the refurbished 300 that will be unveiled at the LA Auto Show will need to compete with Ford’s Taurus, Toyota’s Avalon and General Motors’ Chevrolet Impala.

After presenting these crucial facts, Alec Gutierrez of automotive research firm Kelley Blue Book said that although he doesn’t think that Chrysler has much chance of growing in this segment, what he knows is that large sedans are always good options when it comes to setting up a brand’s profile.

Chrysler has decided to refresh the 300 primarily because the company’s CEO Sergio Marchionne wants North America to assist the company in steadying its business in Europe. In Europe, the performance of Fiat Chrysler cars reached its lowest point in the last two decades in 2013.

On the other hand, Chrysler’s performance in the United States has been really impressive in recent times. The company’s sales went up by as much as 15% this year (the number is put up after taking into account data till October, 2014). This is the biggest rise experienced by any automaker in 2014 besides Fuji Heavy Industries’ Subaru brand and Japanese firm Mitsubishi.

Many are also suggesting that Chrysler has decided to redesign its 300 as the existing model of the car, which has a base price of $31,395, has experienced an 18% drop in sales in 2013. In 2014 also, the sales of the car has been 8.6% less; only 44,519 units of the car has been sold this year, whereas the year 2005 saw Chrysler selling as many as 144,000 units of the 300. The numbers are far more impressive for Ford Taurus, Toyota Avalon and Chevrolet Impala, which till October, 2014 have made sales of 55,469, 55,304, and 117,769 units respectively.