Fidel Castro lashes out at Obama

Barrack Obama’s recent visit to Cuba has been the hottest talking topic in the International sector for the past one week, and it has received mixed reactions from all corners. But now, on March 28, 2016, former Cuban President and Communist leader Fidel Castro has openly come forward and has criticized Barrack Obama.

Granma, Communist Party newspaper in Cuba published a full column feature named ‘Brother Obama‘, and in this portion, Castro blatantly rejected Obama’s visit and words of reconciliation. Fidel Castro is a strong criticizer of United States Government, and his words have now come out as no surprise.

In the feature, Fidel Castro strongly said that Cuba does not need anything from the U.S Empire. Fidel, who is aged 89 still has massive public support, and his words can influence the majority of the people in the nation without any doubt.

In the write-up, Fidel Castro detailed the aggressive moves of United States against his country over years, which includes, the Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 and economic embargo inflicted on the island which is prevalent now too.

He also added that Cuba’s Communist Government has succeeded in reducing racial discrimination to a great extent. The letter also conveyed a fact to Obama that the past could not be quickly forgotten.

Castro has not been that active in political sectors since 2008. In 2008, he handed over the power to Raul Castro, his brother due to some unknown internal illness. At one point of time, many sources had claimed that Castro was dead due to the fatal disease, but every time, he came up like a phoenix bird.

During the three-day visit to Cuba, Barrack Obama did not visit the ailing Castro, and this has fetched negative responses from Cuban public. Political analysts are now awaiting to know Raul’s reaction on Barrack’s views when it comes to a relationship with the U.S.