Figma’s New Slides App: A Blend of Design, Fun, and AI

Figma's New Slides App
Discover Figma's new Slides app, blending design, fun, and AI to revolutionize digital presentations. Learn about its capabilities and how it can transform your design process.

Figma continues to shape the digital design landscape with its latest offering—the Slides app, integrating robust AI capabilities, streamlined design functionalities, and an engaging user experience. This new tool aims to enhance presentation creation, making it not just a necessity but a delight for designers and teams alike.

Evolution and Capabilities of Figma

Figma has consistently pushed the boundaries of design by fostering collaboration and integration of cutting-edge technologies. The platform’s cloud-based nature allows real-time cooperation across different geographies, which revolutionizes the design process to be more dynamic and inclusive​​.

AI-Powered Design Assistance

2024 marks a significant year for Figma as it dives deeper into artificial intelligence. The Slides app leverages AI to automate mundane tasks, provide smart design suggestions, and speed up the design process, allowing creators to concentrate on more innovative aspects of their projects.

Enhancements in Prototyping and 3D Design

Figma has also upgraded its prototyping capabilities, enabling the creation of more interactive and sophisticated prototypes. The addition of 3D design elements caters to the growing demand across various industries, thus broadening the scope for designers to craft immersive and visually appealing user experiences​​.

Expanding Beyond Design

The Slides app reflects Figma’s commitment to not just maintaining but also expanding its utility beyond traditional design boundaries. It supports enhanced collaboration on design systems, which helps in maintaining consistency and efficiency in large-scale projects by allowing teams to manage and share design elements effortlessly​.

Educational and Community Initiatives

Figma is equally committed to education and community engagement, providing extensive resources such as webinars, tutorials, and a dedicated ‘Figma for Education’ program. These initiatives are designed to integrate Figma into academic curricula and support the continuous learning of both new and seasoned designers​.

Conclusion: The Future of Design with Figma

With its 2024 updates, Figma not only enhances its existing features but also introduces new capabilities that set the stage for future innovations in the design industry. The Slides app, with its focus on AI and fun design processes, represents a key part of this vision, promising to make the design workflow more efficient and enjoyable.

Figma’s new Slides app is set to redefine the standards of design presentations, combining functionality with creativity in a way that aligns with the ongoing evolution of the digital design sphere.


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