Oura Ring Introduces Three Innovative Health Features and a New Titanium Finish

The Oura Ring, a popular health and wellness wearable, is set to receive a significant upgrade with the introduction of three new health features aimed at enhancing its performance for users. These advancements come as part of the company’s commitment to providing users with tools to better understand and manage their health.

Key Highlights:

  • Introduction of the “Daytime Stress” feature.
  • Launch of the “Reflections” feature, an AI-powered journal function.
  • Announcement of the upcoming “Stress Resilience” feature.
  • Release of a new brushed titanium color for the Oura Ring.

Daytime Stress: A Deep Dive into Daily Triggers:

Starting from October 10, 2023, Oura users will have access to the “Daytime Stress” feature. This innovative tool is designed to identify stress triggers by continuously monitoring subtle biometric changes, such as heart rate, HRV (heart rate variability), and temperature. By collecting data every 15 minutes, users can gain insights into which experiences add stress to their day and which ones aid in recovery.

Reflections: Tracking Mood and Mental State

Exclusive to iPhone users in its beta phase, the “Reflections” feature offers an AI-powered journal function within the Oura app. This allows users to quickly record short journal entries, tracking their mood and mental state. The feature utilizes speech recognition to transcribe text, while AI-powered auto-tagging provides context to the user’s Oura data.

Stress Resilience: Withstanding Physiological Stress:

Set to be launched in the winter, the “Stress Resilience” feature evaluates a user’s ability to endure physiological stress. It achieves this by monitoring daytime stress load, daytime recovery, and recovery during sleep. Combined with the new “Daytime Stress” feature, “Stress Resilience” aims to equip users with insights, education, and recommendations to manage stress and enhance overall health.

A New Titanium Finish: Sophistication Meets Durability:

In addition to the health features, Oura has introduced a new brushed titanium color to its Horizon lineup. This finish, characterized by its matte surface, exudes sophistication while ensuring medical-grade durability for everyday wear. It complements Oura’s existing range of colors, which includes silver, black, stealth gold, and rose gold.


The Oura Ring continues to solidify its position as a leading health and wellness wearable with the introduction of three new health features and a stylish titanium finish. These features, which include “Daytime Stress,” “Reflections,” and the upcoming “Stress Resilience,” are designed to provide users with a deeper understanding of their daily stressors and recovery patterns. The new brushed titanium color adds a touch of elegance to the device, ensuring that users can track their health in style. As the world of wearable technology evolves, Oura remains at the forefront, offering innovative solutions to promote holistic well-being.