First Look Of Chris Hemsworth’s Surprising Makeover For ‘The Mad Max Prequel Furiosa’

Prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road Furiosa” is now in production, therefore there are pictures of the cast members dressed as their characters, even though we don’t yet certain what those characters are.

For instance, Chris Hemsworth, who stars in Thor: Love and Thunder, kind of resembles Volstagg from the Marvel Cinematic Universe even though we don’t recognize who he is playing. Additionally, his beard reminds us of Kevin Branagh’s Hercule Poirot or a character from The Capital in The Hunger Games movies.

Places Where The Film Is Being Shot

Australia is the location for the prequel’s filming, which also stars Hemsworth’s wife Elsa Pataky, their twin sons Sasha and Tristan, their daughter India Rose, and Chris Hemsworth’s father Craig Hemsworth in supporting roles.  However, we still don’t know what parts they’ll be portraying.

The renowned Kurnell sand hills, which appeared in the 1985 film Beyond Thunderdome, the third Mad Max movie, are currently the site of the filming.

Who Will Be Among The Cast Of This Movie?

We are aware of a few castings because Angus Sampson and Nathan Jones will be returning as The Organic Mechanic and Rictus Erectus from the film Fury Road, respectively. Also said to be making a comeback is Immortan Joe, however, it’s unclear if Hugh Keays-Byrne will play the part again or not.

Anya Taylor, who has roles in The Queen’s Gambit as well as Last Night in Soho, is taking Charlize Theron’s place as the younger Furiosa.

Taylor-Joy revealed that the thing that excites her the most about Furiosa is collaborating on the prequel alongside returning director George Miller. His intellect is amazing. She is also quite eager to engage in physical activity. It is weirdly going to bring her a lot of happiness to physically transform into something else.

According to, Furiosa is said to be set across the span of 15 years, in contrast to Fury Road, which happened over a few days.