First US penis transplant has been planned to help wounded soldier

We will soon see surgeons in the United States performing the country’s first penis transplant. According to recent reports, the first US penis transplant has been planned to be performed on a wounded war veteran returning from Afghanistan.

Surgeons at the Johns Hopkins University in Maryland have informed that the organ to be transplanted will be taken from a deceased donor within the next few months. Between the years 2001 and 2013, a total of 1,367 men have had injuries in their genitals. The majority of those wounds have been caused by the improvised explosive devised used in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is believed that full functionality of the male sexual organ will return within just a few months of the transplant. Soldiers who haven’t suffered any damage to their testicles are also believed to get back the ability of making the women in their lives pregnant.

While the process will primarily be used just on wounded war veterans, doctors are saying that soon we might see them using it for gender reassignment.

So far, two patients have undergone penis transplants. The first of the transplants took place in China, but, unfortunately, it was a failure as the patient rejected the organ. The second one was performed in South Africa and was a success. What’s more, the patient has also become a father recently.

To receive the transplant, the soldiers will have to meet a particular criterion, which is they will have to have their urethra intact. The surgery will be a long and complicated process. During the 12-hour long surgery, surgeons will be connecting arteries, veins, and nerves of the donor’s penis to those of the recipient’s.

Last year we saw scientists representing the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine announce that they have tried to give laboratory grown penises to rabbits. Among the 12 rabbits receiving the organs, eight started to ejaculate normally and four succeeded in impregnating their female partners.

Aaron Causey, who adorned the designation of Army Sergeant First Class, said that it doesn’t matter what one’s identity is, a civilian, a military or anything else, when he suffers an injury like this it turns out to be something more than just a physical injury. Causey lost a testicle and both his legs in a roadside bomb explosion in Afghanistan.