Former Microsoft Employee Gets Two Years in Prison for Insider Trading

Brian Jorgenson, a former Microsoft employee, received two years in prison this week for his role in two insider trading events.

In 2012, Jorgenson heard during his work time at Microsoft that the company planned to invest in Barnes and Noble. Jorgenson decided to place his investment before the company’s intentions became public – and raked in $184,000 after the stock price jumped 50%. Jorgenson did the same thing in 2013, knowing that Microsoft’s stock prices would jump because the company surpassed Wall Street expectations. From the Microsoft price stock jump, Jorgenson made an additional $414,000.

The former Microsoft employee didn’t act alone, however. He had an accomplice, Sean Stokke. Jorgenson was hoping for one year, but Judge Marsha Pechman gave him two years to “serve as a public example,” she said.

Sean Stokke, Jorgenson’s accomplice, was given 18 months in jail.

Jorgenson worked as a corporate finance manager for Microsoft during his employment.

In recent months, a former Microsoft employee has been sentenced and deported for leaking secrets to a tech writer who then had insider information as to the company’s future moves.