Forza 6 revealed with Ford GT supercar

Xbox fans buckle up, Forza Motorsport 6 is all set to hit the markets on September 15th this year. Announced by Microsoft in the E3 Expo, the simulation game is more realistic than ever and gets the Ford GT as a special attraction for the gamers.

It looks like Turn 10 Studios have taken the user reviews into consideration and designed the game eliminating the flaws of Forza 5. The new game has dynamic weather, a feature that fans missed in the previous version. The new Forza Motorsport 6 features 26 exotic racing destinations, over 450 cars to choose from, and a multiplayer mode supporting up to 24 players.

Forza Motorsport 6 is a flagship project for Xbox One by Turn 10 Studios, after the title Forza 5, which launched for the console in November 2013. Dan Greenawalt, Creative Director, Turn 10 Studio, announced the launch and presented a short gameplay of this racing title. He stated that the game will feature night and rain weather conditions, and for the quick ones, who preorder the game, there is an additional bonus content.

Forza 6

The game gets Drivatars, or the digital players, who drive like humans, and not robots to give the game a much more realistic feel. They follow and imitate the salient driving techniques of a driver, which includes ways of taking a corner, braking or stepping on the gas pedal. The players can customize the driving styles of their drivatars, and their aggressiveness behind the wheel.

The game also features realistic rain and night driving, although these cannot be experienced simultaneously yet. This feature is inspired from the gameplay of Horizon 2, which is a more casual and arcade-style game. The developers faced many challenges with the rain and the night driving modes, as they had to ensure a smooth gameplay at 1080p and 60 frames per second, even when the windshield got drenched with rain.

The cars that are available in this game, if we go by figures, is 450, with more to come in the future through downloadable content packs. The Porsche cars, which were not available in previous titles, are expected for this game by 2016. Forza 6 gets Ford GT as the featuring car, which is making its gaming world debut with this game. With the raw CAD data from Ford, Turn 10 has made the driving experience as close to real world as possible.

The game will be available in US, starting September 15th, at prices $60, $80 or $100, depending on the preorders of downloadable car packs.