Fossil fuel depletion can submerge cities under water, Antartica is melting

In a series of shocking events, scientists landed on some of the life threatening figures related to the burning of fossil fuels. It is not a hidden fact that burning fuels give a rise to greenhouse gases that eventually trap the sunlight responsible for an increased temperature. Antartica and ice in the all other places can melt and give the sea a rise of 200 ft.

Latest figures suggest that half of the melting can occur in the next thousand years with one foot of sea level rise per decade, which is ten times the current rate of melting.

Apparently, the melting would sink all of the areas that are near the sea. We can expect Washington DC, New York, California and few other states near the sea to go down under the water. However, the states that are in the middle aren’t safe either. Not from the water, but the harmful effects of the sea level rise will block the supply of food.

If all of the ice in the glaciers and on the poles melts, the rise of 200 ft will make the water currents to stop, fishes will die, Earth’s temperature would rise to an unbearable level, plants, animals and insects would die, eventually making all of the humans to leave the Earth in absence of food and water. We have seen such parts in movies; days aren’t when all of it is going to happen in real.

Scientists and biologists want the government to take an action against what is happening. A ban on the burning of fossil fuels must be implemented before it is too late, and apparently, the fuel is going to get depleted in next forty years.

Not only the fossil fuels but the burning of other non-renewable resources also count a lot when contributing to the environment pollution.

We have solar, wind and tidal energy to generate the power, but government imposes a heavy tax duty on the solar panels that make it hard to set-up and use as a power supply for the home.

However, the real thing here is that Google has come forward and launched the Maps with a new functionality that would allow the users to see which portions can deliver maximum solar energy.

All this combined can help retain the Earth’s environment for a very long duration, and would help the upcoming generation live happily.