Garmin Venu 3 Rumored to Feature Sleep Coach and Skin Temperature Sensor: A Game-Changer in Wearable Tech?


The smartwatch industry is abuzz with rumors about Garmin’s upcoming Venu 3, which is said to feature a sleep coach and a skin temperature sensor. These new additions could potentially revolutionize the way we monitor our health and wellness. But what exactly do these features entail, and how could they give Garmin an edge over competitors like Apple Watch?

Sleep Coach: A New Way to Monitor Sleep

Garmin is reportedly introducing a sleep coach feature in the Venu 3, a tool that could significantly enhance sleep tracking capabilities. According to TechRadar, this feature aims to provide “serious sleep coaching,” potentially offering personalized advice and insights into sleep patterns. This could be a game-changer for individuals struggling with sleep disorders or those looking to optimize their rest.

Skin Temperature Sensor: More Than Just a Gimmick?

Another intriguing feature is the skin temperature sensor. While some may consider it a mere gimmick, the sensor could offer valuable data for monitoring overall health. Gizmochina reports that this feature is part of Garmin’s broader strategy to launch the Venu 3 later this year.

Competitive Edge Over Apple Watch

The inclusion of these features could give Garmin a significant advantage over competitors like the Apple Watch. As per Notebookcheck, the Venu 3 will also sport a round display with thinner bezels, making it not just feature-rich but also aesthetically pleasing.


The rumored features of the Garmin Venu 3—sleep coach and skin temperature sensor—could set a new standard in the wearable tech industry. While these are still rumors, the buzz is strong enough to make tech enthusiasts and health-conscious individuals eagerly await the official launch. If these features live up to the hype, Garmin’s Venu 3 could very well be the next big thing in smartwatches, offering a comprehensive health monitoring system right on your wrist.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is based on rumors and leaks. Official details are yet to be confirmed by Garmin.