Gay marriage ad in Ohio sets stage for Cincinnati appeals

Next Wednesday, the Sixth US Circuit Appellate Court in Cincinnati, Ohio will rule on the five same-sex marriage ban cases from four states. And, kicking off the discussion happens to be a commercial about gay marriage.

Why Marriage Matters Ohio, a state group that argues strongly in favor of gay marriage, is responsible for the thirty-second ad that shows a gay marriage couple that’s now hoping Ohio will be yet another state to finally recognize gay marriage and overturn the gay marriage ban that’s a part of the state’s history.

The gay couple in the ad, George and Henry, talk about their marriage on October 25th, and how they have survived 50 years of relationship to arrive at their marriage. They now hope that Ohio will become the 20th state to officially recognize gay marriage. This is the first gay marriage ad that’s made its way into the Ohio State press since 2004.

Commercials are often a way, as are protest, to increase awareness about political issues that’re important to those sponsoring the ad. Right before the Marriage Amendment was passed in North Carolina, gay marriage ads both for and against it were a feature on North Carolina TV stations. In this case, Why Marriage Matters Ohio is doing all it can to increase awareness of gay marriage and those who desire to marry their same-sex partners. With gay marriage ads such as these, Ohio citizens get to see couples together and realize that, aside from sexual orientation, all couples are the same: all have love for one another, want to be happy and build a life together, and have hopes and dreams.

The results of the gay marriage cases in Cincinnati’s Appellate Court won’t be decided until next Wednesday, but the commercial (short as it is) will hopefully spark something within the hearts and minds of Ohio appellate judges. The gay marriage ad is the first in a decade, but hopefully, it won’t be the last.

To see the gay marriage commercial, you can view the video above or go here to see it in another tab: