Genetic diversity affects only height and smartness, not HBP or cholesterol levels

Genetic diversity is said to be playing a big role in making humans better. A new study, which was recently published in the science journal Nature, found that there is significant reason to believe that people who are born from diverse genetic backgrounds, feature some of the best human qualities. The study found that intelligence and growth rates were higher in those who come from backgrounds that are genetically diverse.

The study looked at 350,000 people around the world, and found specifically that those who had more diverse genetic backgrounds were taller, smarter, and had a host of other skills, at which their less diverse counterparts lacked. This is something that has been debated for a long time, but scientific data was lacking in this particular space.


One interesting thing about this particular study was that it analyzed about 150 studies around the world. The studies looked at a host of factors and found that those from more genetically diverse backgrounds featured more education, better skills, and taller humans. While this might seem like something of an anomaly, this is something that is very important to understanding how humans even work.

Dr. Peter Joshi, who led the study, pointed out that there is a significant benefit to understanding how diversity plays a role in everyday life, but also how it impacts the evolution of humans as a whole. He said, “Our research answers questions first posed by Darwin as to the benefits of genetic diversity. Our next step will be to hone in on the specific parts of the genome that most benefit from diversity.”

The analysis of the various research studies that took place throughout the world was executed at the University of Edinburgh, which is famous for having an intense focus on genetics and diversity in recent years. One of the interesting points about this study though, revealed that if a human receives two defective genes in any given category – the human that is born will ultimately have a smaller brain as result.

This is something that has been talked about, but rarely ever spoken about in great detail – given the fact that so many people question the amount of power that diversity really has in creating better people. However, despite what social contracts have been established throughout the world, there are some fundamental powers at play here. Understanding what human life can really withstand is something that scientists want to better understand – as a better understanding will make medical advances easier.

For humans, it’s about making a better species tomorrow. At which point, it will be interesting to see how this study impacts future studies and additional research, which will undoubtedly take point on this matter. Understanding the genetics of humans is absolutely pivotal in understanding what humans can achieve medically speaking.