Geras Announced for Mortal Kombat 1: A New Era of Time-Bending Combat

In a thrilling announcement at DreamCon 2023, NetherRealm Studios unveiled Geras as the latest playable character for Mortal Kombat 1. The reveal, made through a brand-new trailer, has stirred excitement among fans, as Geras is set to make his second appearance following his debut in Mortal Kombat 11.

The trailer showcases Geras in a fresh design, yet he remains the master of the sands of time. His old staples, such as kicking opponents through constructed walls, are still present, but now he can also tackle and throw you through them. Extended time stop powers and a throw featuring another version of Geras attacking from above add to his impressive arsenal.

Interestingly, Geras and Liu Kang, who were on opposite sides in MK11, are now on the same team as defenders of the hourglass. This alliance comes after Liu Kang took control over time in the last game. However, Geras, living outside of natural laws, seems to have reservations about Liu Kang’s manipulation of destiny.

The trailer also features new fatalities, with Geras grinding down Baraka against a sandstorm and Liu Kang pulling Subzero apart in what appears to be a black hole. The absence of new cameos in the trailer leaves room for speculation about other characters that might be included in the game.

Mortal Kombat 1 is set to release on September 19 for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC, with a preorder beta test coming on August 18. This announcement has undoubtedly heightened anticipation for the game, promising a new era of time-bending combat.