Getting into the game? Here’s what the Panasonic Toughbook can do for you!

Are you looking for a rugged computer for your workplace; that can whilst doing a great job also withstand the roughest of conditions and be financially feasible? Basically you require a top quality gadget which will offer you a great return on investment. In such a case if you have considered the Panasonic Toughbook range which promises to offer a combination of quality, reliability and durability; then you may not be far from a solution. Let’s take a look at what the Toughbook range can do for you.

The Toughbook Solution…

A Toughbook can easily translate into substantial financial advantage for you as it eliminates future costly repairs and replacements, along with avoiding time wasted on recovering lost work. The reason behind this is that Panasonic invests heavily in both research and development of top quality materials and innovative technologies to ensure that – the device can handle extreme and harsh conditions; but still continue working.

All the products are thoroughly tested to make sure they are highly durable and totally reliable. While conventional computers in certain harsh conditions would stop working or get completely damaged; Panasonic Toughbooks are designed to handle bumps, bangs, long falls, as well as dust and dirt, rain, oil, pressure and intense changes in temperature.

The Toughbook Range…

All the Toughbooks are designed with the latest technology; and has various models which can be used in different industries and sectors depending on your need. Right from ultra durable and fully rugged to business and semi rugged, it offers a rugged computer for a large number of industries.

Fully Rugged models

The fully rugged model can meet the demands of the most challenging working environments. Designed to operate in both extremely low and high temperatures, they are dust, water, vibration and drop proof from a height of up to 180cm. Available in a variety of formats from laptop to tablet; they offer daylight visible screens, excellent graphics and long battery life. The Toughbook in this models can meet almost every challenge including – business, utility or military service.

Offering unbeatable performance and extra-long battery life even in demanding environments such as military, construction sites, hospitals, underground excavations, emergency situations, airline maintenance and management, utility services maintenance, and transport. The rugged models ensure that mobile workers can access volumes of data and deliver information in real time wherever they are, increasing efficiency and productivity.

The Semi Rugged

Semi Rugged Toughbook models offer the flexibility to work just about anywhere- it could be as your main computer at home; and also be extremely reliable for your job. The models in this range are water resistant and capable of withstanding being dropped from a height of 76cm with a toughened casing.

Semi-rugged Toughbook is suitable for every business that needs robust mobile computing solutions; with a long battery life, optional GPS and the option of technology that allows batteries to be changed whilst working. The model also supports workers in the field in diverse circumstances- such as enabling police officers to take witness statements electronically, marine navigation workers while out on the water, sales professionals and business travelers to confidently deliver presentations in any location using the flip screen technology of the CF-C2.

Business Ruggedized models

Delivering a host of benefits like confident mobility, enhanced productivity and great design; the Toughbook business ruggedized model can be used by sales professionals, business executives and account managers. It is also perfect for the busy business traveler allowing them to keep in touch with the office while on the move. The Toughbook is also resistant to being dropped from a height of 76cm, and withstands 100kg/f pressure, providing business travelers a reliable and sturdy substitute to more fragile mobile computing options.

Financial Advantage

Despite being more expensive than commercial-grade mobile computers, as Panasonic Toughbooks have a minimum rate of failures; translating into fewer repair expenses and less downtime; and hence into a lower cost of ownership over 5 years as compared to its conventional counterparts. With the higher productivity rate and lower operating cost; the Toughbook offers a great return on investment.

To ensure users accrue this financial advantage; all Toughbook mobile computers are rigorously tested depending on their models. The fully rugged ones are tested to ensure they meet or exceed MIL-STD requirements for drop shock absorption, extreme moisture and temperature resistance, and to also withstand vibration, and adverse environmental conditions including sand, dust and rain.

But it isn’t just the ruggedness and financial advantage which make the Toughbook so attractive; there are other design features that give it an additional edge such as- the daylight-readable screens designed for outdoor use; touch screens that allow easier navigation; better battery life that provides longer uptimes; built-in handle that makes them more portable and replicator ports that can be used inside vehicles and on an office desk.