‘The Girlfriend Experience’ Exposes The Dark, Dirty Underbelly Of Corporate US

The upcoming American television drama series ‘The Girlfriend Experience’, is a bold new portrayal of the Corporate America and will be premiered at eight p.m. Sunday April 10, 2016. The television drama series stars Riley Keough, and Executive Producer is Steven Soderbergh.

The TV series is based on a Film of the same name and starred the then active Adult Film actress Sasha Grey. The Film was shot around New York City, and the rushes were screened at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009.

Riley Keough as Christine Reade is perfect executive material and is best suited for the cold and harsh environment of any corporate back office. The youthful, striving corner-office hopeful does not drop any hint that she’s after any career goals besides success and control.

After talking herself to a good job she starts learning about the scheming, back-biting, and moral degradation of the highest order in any corporate setup.

Christine Reade as a law student starts reeling out esoteric company targets and specialties which she had mugged up for interviews. When asked the actual meaning of the Jargon she wryly replies that it hardly matters, all they want to hear is their words repeated back.

Christine as a “Working Girl” realizes through a friend that there is money to be made as a high-priced escort; her secret fits in snugly into the structure of her day job. She starts feeling emboldened and starts to feel like a power player, sweet talking with the rich, bored, lonely men she sleeps with, earning affectionate accolades like ‘Your eyes are so honest.’ Her poor clients do not realize that the truth is she is disconnected from what’s happening, and she and her profession is as similar as chalk and cheese.