Google and Qualcomm create Tango smartphone

Google and Qualcomm are teaming up to bring Tango to smartphone users. Instead of being a software aimed at making smartphone life easier for mobile users, this will be a next-generation device that completely changes the way smartphone computing happens. Since the device will be powered by Qualcomm, many feel assured that the Google Project Tango smartphone will be a hit. That being said though, the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor that will be packed inside the smartphone is something that many believe will set it apart from previous renditions.

It’s been a year since Project Tango was first mentioned or saw the light of day. Since its inception or public launch Google says that they have sold around 3,000 of them. That being said, the company hasn’t gone out of their way to sell a ton of these devices, because they work from virtual reality. Like anything in the virtual reality market – there isn’t a huge marketplace that exists right now for it. So, there’s a certain level of development that still has to take place in order for devices like Tango to really take off.

Tango Smartphone

When it comes to what Tango is going to be all about for Google, the company says describes this as the “tip of the iceberg.” Right now, Tango is very developer-oriented. However, the goal is to make this as mainstream as possible, as the company develops the product better. All of these experimental projects, which Google has referenced at I/O 2015, as risky propositions, are intended to be just that – with a stroke of confidence.

Google is developing much of this in their ATAP labs, which are focused on delivering the best quality everything in futuristic advancements. While it’s not entirely clear what Tango is going to be all about. There is some that is known. Specifically, for those concerned with virtual reality – this Project Tango, is one of the most interesting projects that the company has taken on to date. Even more impressive than Cardboard, or some of their other relatively enticing projects that they have taken on to this point.

For Google, it’s about pushing the envelope and really working to ensure that they have the best positioning in future markets as is possible. Project Tango gives users the ability to really create what they have experienced around them and gives them the ability to see virtual reality in a way that hasn’t ever been seen before.