Google Experiments with News-Driven Homepage: A Shift Towards Bing and Yahoo?

In a recent move, Google has been observed testing a significant transformation to its iconic homepage. This change, as spotted by mspoweruser, leans towards a more news-centric approach, reminiscent of the interfaces of Bing and Yahoo.

Key Highlights:

  • Google’s new homepage experiment showcases a news-filled layout.
  • The design is influenced by the Google Discover newsfeed present in the mobile app.
  • The experiment is currently being tested in India.
  • Google’s shift aims to algorithmically present news articles of interest to users.
  • The change also includes “at a glance” cards displaying sports scores, stocks, and weather.

A Dive into Google’s Homepage Evolution:

Google, known for its minimalist homepage, is contemplating major alterations. The previous experiment introduced info cards that displayed weather and stock updates. However, the latest experiment emphasizes news, making it resemble the Google Discover newsfeed from the mobile app. This feed presents rows of news articles tailored to the user’s interests. Accompanying these articles are quick-view cards that provide updates on sports, stocks, and the weather.

Bridging the Gap with Bing and Yahoo:

This new design makes Google’s homepage busier, drawing parallels with Bing and Yahoo’s interfaces. The Verge managed to get a statement from Google, confirming that this is an experimental phase currently active in India. Like the info card experiment from the previous year, there’s no certainty that this design will see a global launch. If it does, it might be presented as an optional setting, allowing users to switch between the traditional and the new layout.

Historically, Google had a feature called iGoogle, which let users customize their homepage with various widgets. The stark difference between the mobile app and the desktop website is intriguing. If Google Discover serves a purpose on the mobile platform, a similar rationale should apply to the desktop version. With Google’s recent trend of breaking away from old traditions for revenue generation, a significant homepage overhaul might be on the horizon.


Google’s experiment with a news-filled homepage marks a potential shift in its approach to user engagement. By integrating a newsfeed similar to its mobile app’s Discover feature, Google aims to provide users with content tailored to their interests. While this change brings Google’s interface closer to competitors like Bing and Yahoo, it remains to be seen if this design will become a permanent fixture or remain an optional feature. As Google continues to evolve, users can anticipate more innovations that enhance their browsing experience.