Google Inbox reaches Android Wear, improved Tablet UI and real-time suggestions

For Google, this comes a bit delayed. The search giant is obviously pushing for Android Wear to go live, and the first version of Google’s Inbox should have had native support for Android Wear. Many users were disappointed to see that there were no Android Wear integration with Inbox, leaving them with the only way to interact with Inbox using only phone.

The new Inbox version also receives a tablet UI. So those with a tablet device can have a better user experience with Inbox compared to the blown-up version of the app that previously users have reported. Another neat new feature that the developers at Google have bundled with this update is real-time suggestions. Inbox will now show you suggestions as you type enabling you to set reminders and reply to messages faster than ever before.


But the biggest update of this version of Inbox remains the integration with Android Wear. The smartwatch’s operating system by Google virtually supports all Android notifications, so users were able to see notification on Android Wear for new messages at Inbox, but they weren’t able to interact with it. Thanks to the new update, now they can read entire message, mark as done, or reply with a voice message all from their wrist.

In addition to the new Inbox update, Google has also enabled support for Content Security Policy for Gmail. According to Google, the CSP support will eliminate the third party extensions that behave ‘badly’ and may interfere with the user’s session on Gmail by the use of certain codes.

After introducing Material Design, Google’s new design philosophy for its Android and apps, Google has been busy updating all of its services and apps to adapt the style that features bright colors and animations. It has recently released a new version of YouTube app for Android embracing the material design philosophy and a number of new features.

Google Play has also been updated with minor tweaks and features such as the addition of My Account tab that lets users add credit to their account and list all recent purchases from Google Play including the hardware device. Google Drive, along with Docs, Sheets, and Slides Android apps that are required for editing files on Google Drive have all been updated with new features to edit files straight from Gmail attachment. The search giant has also introduced a new button that lets users download a document file directly to their Drive and start editing right away.

All in all, Google is busy revamping all of its core apps and services. If you look closely, you’ll see all of these tiny little updates are pointed toward providing users an integrated experience of Google services no matter where you are and what device you are using. For now, it seems like Google is headed in the right direction.