Google joins Intel for Google Glass 2015 version, Bye Bye Texas Instruments

Google came up with Google Glass, which is basically a wearable device boasting an optical head-mounted display, for developers in early 2013 when the world was still not very much aware of the actual functions of wearable tech. Since that time a number of wearable devices have been launched by different companies, both big and small, but Google has still not made the Glass available for regular consumers.

Now, reports are suggesting that in 2015, Google will be launching a fresh model of the Glass headset. This new model of Google Glass will have an Intel chip embedded in it and will carry a more powerful battery, which will make the product’s battery life much longer than that of the existing Explorer Edition.


Since Google made the Glass available to developers in February, 2013, the device has undergone two minor iterative upgrades. The first one was done for making the Glass compatible with prescription lenses, and the second one was done for making its RAM twice more powerful. This time, however, the Glass will get a brand new processor; replacement of the old processor with a new one indicates that the company might be looking to give the wearable a complete overhaul.

It is believed that developers around the globe haven’t shown as much interest in the Glass as they should have shown primarily due its hefty four-figure price tag and low battery life. The advanced processor that Google is planning to incorporate into the new Glass model along with the wearable’s revamped exterior can make it more popular both among developers and consumers. Here, it must be mentioned that Intel is mainly interested in increasing the popularity of Google Glass as a perfect workplace companion.

According to the clauses of the partnership agreement between Google and Intel, Intel will also need to market Google Glass to manufacturers and hospital networks and focus on developing fresh workplace applications for the wearable.

Neither Google nor Intel has said anything about the specific Intel hardware the revamped Google Glass will carry. Experts are saying that the chipmaker will most likely use the low-power chip embedded in its MICA bracelet for this purpose.

MICA is a wearable device launched by the New Devices Group of Intel. The company set up this group in 2013 for finding out what kind of next generation devices will assist in triggering a new era of microprocessor revolution.