Google jumping on backs of Sprint and T-Mobile for wireless service

Google is jumping into the wireless business, but they’re not doing it directly. While the company is advertising the fact that they will be getting into the wireless network business, allowing potential users to use a Google device on a Google network, the details of a potential deal are somewhat questionable. The potential deal would argue that Google would be utilizing T-Mobile and Sprint. Not exactly the greatest of voice networks in the market. The service will only be available in the U.S., and will be somewhat restrictive initially, as the company says that it will rely on current Wi-Fi hotspots to regulate its data service.

The fact that Google isn’t going to introduce an infrastructure of their own is very telling, especially given the fact that if Google wants to really make an impact on the market – and not just soak up the users of T-Mobile and Sprint – they will have to work significantly harder. Perhaps in the long-run, absorbing the two smaller companies individually and rebuilding their infrastructure to compete on the scale that Google wants to. This though is the first step in a series of moves that could completely change the way mobile networks interact with each other.

In the long-term, this could be something that significantly changes the landscape. Let’s be clear though that this is something that is still in its infancy. Until the details of the project become official it’s going to be difficult to really determine what kind of impact Google could have on the market. However, it’s worth noting that this would give some of the other networks – over a very long period of time – serious competition. There wouldn’t be any mistaking what is an absolute fact in terms of gaining access to two pretty major names in this particular space.

Finally though, consumers would be able to completely do their business through Google. That will either please people, or frighten them, because Google holding all the cards – especially when it comes to this type of business is exactly what they want to do.